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Trust is everything. Trust sells. We, at theJurists, provide trust to thousands of customers trough our clients websites and webshops. It’s time there is a title. It’s time there are winners. It’s time, for the ‘Legal Webshop of the Year’.

It’s simple. You have a webshop (or someone you know) , small or ultra-sized. Size doesn’t matter. What really matters is how nice you play online. Legal obligations are one, transparency and legal usability is another. Our jury will decide. Are you our next ‘Legal Webshop of the Year’? Apply now!

We’ve got your attention? You are probably wondering what’s in it for you. Well, a weekend away somewhere (hotel and transport included). But more importantly, the winner will able to put a big, nice, label on his webshop, stating ‘Legal Webshop of the Year 2015. ‘Most trusted webshop of 2015’.
By theJurists/deJuristen/lesJuristes

Our services

We didn’t had time to properly introduce ourselves. Let’s set that straight. We are theJurists, a legal agency based in Brussels (Belgium) providing all sort of services in the area of ICT Law, Media Law & Intellectual Property. We’re e-commerce goeroes, too.

E-Commerce: legal docs
ICT Contracts
Privacy online
Trademark protection
Model protection
Idea protection

Our Approach

Simple, yet effective. That’s how we like it. Maybe you’ve already noticed we’re not your traditional law firm. That’s because we aren’t. We are entrepreneurs, and we work for them. We think like them, and we live like them. That also means, spending exactly the right amount of money, for exactly the thing you need. Readable, transparent legal services. We’re here.


So how do we get started? For our most important services, like e-commerce and trademark protection, we have standard fees and brochures ready for your approval. Clearly written, and no hidden surprises. We don’t like them, and you  neither, so that’s why we came up with fixed fees for our work.

Did you know that on 18 & 19 March theJurists (deJuristen/lesJuristes) is present on the E-Shop Expo at Brussels? Check it out on their website (we are at booth F31, right across BeCommerce). 

We look forward meeting with you there. And there’s more. You can book your special, personalized and completely free 30min-legal advice with one of our colleagues. Register here or click on the button on the right.

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